The Sun is the center of our Solar System. It is a yellow main-sequence star, and very small for a star. By now, you should already know what it is.

Properties Edit

The sun is over 109x the size of the Earth, which equals a diameter of 1,392,784 km. 

Earths inside. It fuses Hydrogen into Helium for energy, and boy, this thing has tons of energy. A single solar flare has enough energy to cause a major blackout. And remember students, DO NOT STARE DIRECTLY AT THE SUN!!!!! The Sun has 8 (or 9?) planets orbiting it. It is not a solid, liquid or gas, but a fourth state called plasma. It is crucial to the survival of every living thing. So if the Sun suddenly disappears, plants will die sometime after (giving us no fruits or veggies), then herbivores will die (so no bacon or beef). Soon enough, everyone will starve.

Diameter 1,392,784 km
Temperature 5,499 °C
Rotation 25.05 days
Revolution around Sagittarius A* 237,000,000 years
Age 4,680,000,000 years
Stellar Classification G2 V
Apparent Magnitude -26.74 (v)
Gravity 274.79 m/s2